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VW Takes Wraps off e-Golf at LA Auto Show

New Version Offers More Power and Range

The latest generation of the e-Golf was recently shown to the public for the first time at the Los Angeles Auto Show, revealing a sharp uptick in power, range and new features from its predecessor. The 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf increases the range on a single charge to 124 miles, up almost 50 percent from last year’s model. The electric motor shows a jump of 19 horsepower from 2016, now producing 134 horses with 214 pound-feet of torque. This enables the new e-Golf to cut a second off its 0-60 mph time en route to a top speed of 93 mph. Keep in touch with Chapman Volkswagen to see when the new e-Golf will be making an appearance on the showroom floor.

High-tech Features Both Fun and Functional

The new VW e-Golf is loaded with high-tech features that make it a joy to drive. The optional Volkswagen Digital Cockpit displays all the instruments on a large color screen. Drivers can change the information profiles to deliver different types of data, as well as varying graphics including album art. The Discover Pro infotainment system also allows drivers and passengers to configure the home screen to their liking. The 9.2-inch color display is a totally new design. This system is geared up for the launch of a gesture control system in two years that will only take a swipe or a pinch to move through the menus and pick the music or function you want to use. Remote access remains a part of the e-Golf suite of features, letting you use your smart phone to locate your car, start the battery charging, lock and unlock doors, etc.

More Driver Assistance Safety Features This Year

Drivers of the 2017 VW e-Golf will have access to more driver assistance safety features than ever, including pedestrian monitoring added to the Forward Collision Warning system. If your vehicle is in danger of striking a person, the e-Golf will first warn you both audibly and visually, then apply the brakes if you fail to react. Choose the optional Drive Assistance Package and you’ll receive the digital cockpit, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning with pedestrian monitoring, blind spot monitoring, lane assist, light assist and park assist.

Design Changes Feature LED Lights

Along with more power and features, the 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf also includes a new look with redesigned bumpers and fenders along with LED headlights, tail lights and daytime running lights. The running lights are integrated into the new bumper, creating a seamless front end with a sharp, modern look. The new e-Golf, a technological marvel with extended range, will be making its debut at Chapman Volkswagen in the near future.

Six VWs Earn Top Safety Honors for 2017


IIHS Rewards VW Safety Technology

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) puts vehicles through the proverbial wringer before declaring their safety status, which is why it was such an honor for six VW vehicles to earn Top Safety Pick or Top Safety Pick +  ratings. The 2017 Jetta that was outfitted with forward collision warning, bi-xenon headlights and autonomous emergency braking (AEB) earned the top honors. Four members of the Golf family, including the Golf 4-door, Alltrack, GTI 4-door and SportWagen, as well as the Passat, were all selected as a Top Safety Pick. Check out the entire VW inventory and see why these vehicles are so safe when you stop by Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale.

Top Driver Assistance Features Now Affordable

“At Volkswagen, we strongly believe that the latest advanced driver assistance technologies can be delivered without being in the premium segment,” according to VW Senior VP Hendrik Muth. “The IIHS Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick + ratings awarded to a variety of Volkswagen models compliments our ongoing commitment to offering these features.” IIHS Awards Top Safety Pick status to cars, SUVS and trucks that receive a good rating in five different tests. These include two different frontal impact tests, side impact, strength of roof and head restraints. The vehicle must also offer AEB as an option. The Plus rating goes to vehicles that meet the same criteria, but also have headlights that offer maximum visibility.

Sensors Work in Conjunction With Cameras

VW’s AEB system with forward collision warning utilizes at least one and sometimes more radar sensors that work in conjunction with cameras to identify danger and react faster than humanly possible. It first alerts the driver to an impending crash, and then applies the brakes if the driver fails to react quickly enough. If the driver responds but doesn’t apply enough force to the brakes, the system also responds to either avoid the wreck or minimize damage and injury. VW’s other driver assistance features include adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring and a system to warn you if you start to drift out of your lane. Parking assistants, automatic headlights and adaptive front-lighting are some other safety features you can get on a 2017 VW.

Now’s the Time to Buy

It’s still not too late to head to Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale and take advantage of the “Sign Then Drive Event” where qualified buyers or lessees can take a brand new VW off the lot with absolutely no money down. The offer ends January 3, so swing by today for the best selection.

Alltrack Provides Sporty Off-road Option


Extra Lift Means More Clearance

By adding an extra 1.4 inches of lift and all-wheel drive to the Golf SportWagen, Volkswagen has created what it hopes to be the answer for people seeking a little something different to take on an off-road adventure. The 2017 VW Alltrack has longer springs and dampers than its Golf sibling, along with four different drive modes and hill descent control. What it thankfully shares with the SportWagen is the responsive steering and superb body control that lets the wagon glide through corners as though it were on rails. You can see what we mean by putting the Alltrack through its paces during a test drive at Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale.

Launch Control Provides Blast Off

Although there aren’t many opportunities out on the trail to test your time in the 0 to 60 mph run, the editors at Car and Driver magazine put the Alltrack to the test anyway. By using the launch control button to optimize takeoff, they were able to record a time of 7.5 seconds, which is actually a little faster than the SportWagen. Both vehicles scored a very respectable 15.9 seconds in the quarter-mile run. The Alltrack also proved to be one of the more efficient off-road vehicles on the market, earning a combined 26 mpg in Car and Driver testing.

4Motion All-wheel Drive Provides Control

When you need more traction to plow through a snow drift or climb a muddy hill, you can count on Volkswagen’s 4Motion All-wheel Drive system to come through. It utilizes sensors and works with other components to determine where you need traction, then automatically delivers power to help you maintain forward progress. When you switch the drive selector to “off-road” mode, the VW Alltrack automatically kicks in the hill descent control system that helps you keep your downward travel at a safe, constant speed.

Turbo 4-cylinder Provide Plenty of Pep

The fun and fast VW Alltrack is powered by a 1.8L TSI turbocharged motor that provides 170 horsepower and 199 pound-feet of torque. That’s more than enough zip to pass large trucks on the highway or climb that far-off peak, but the best part is the Alltrack has all that power and still earns a rating of 30 mpg on the highway. Right now during VW’s “Sign Then Drive” event, qualified buyers can lease a new Alltrack for just $419 a month, with no money down. Head to Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale today and take a test drive to see why the new Alltrack is destined to become the next big thing on the off-road market.


Room for Seven in Largest VW

With room to comfortably seat seven adults, the 2018 VW Atlas will be the largest VW ever assembled in North America. “This is the biggest and boldest Volkswagen we have ever built in the United States, delivering the distinctive design and craftsmanship we’re known for, now with room for seven,” said VW North America CEO Hinrich J. Woebcken. The Atlas marks a brand new journey for Volkswagen to enter into the heart of the American market.” Already with a compact SUV in the Tiguan and the midsize Touareg in the lineup, VW thinks there is plenty of room for the full-size Atlas. Expect the new SUV to show up in the Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale showroom sometime next year.

Comes With Choice of Powertrains

The new VW Atlas offers a choice between a 2.0L turbocharged four cylinder or a naturally aspirated V6 3.6L engine. No EPA fuel estimates have been released yet, but the V6 produces 280 horsepower, while the four-cylinder delivers a very respectable 238 horses. 4Motion all-wheel drive will be available only with the V6. Both engines will be paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission to deliver maximum power when needed along with outstanding fuel efficiency.

New Atlas Loaded With Technology

The new Atlas will have the latest version of the VW Car-Net telemetry and infotainment system that powers all your audio, communication and navigation needs. Listen to your favorite music through the upscale Fender premium system that pumps 480 watts through 12 speakers. Whether you need Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or MirrorLink, the VW Atlas will work with any smartphone to deliver a limited number of apps. Car-Net also provides a safety net with the ability to contact an operator in the event of an emergency. You can use your smartphone to access certain features of your car, such as locking or unlocking the doors. It also comes in handy to find your new Atlas in a sea of vehicles at a crowded parking lot. You can feel safe driving the new Atlas, as it has a number of driver assistance features that help avoid accidents and minimize injuries. Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Monitoring and Autonomous Emergency Braking work together with a specially designed frame that diverts energy away from the cabin.

Built in USA Green Facility

The new Atlas will be built in the United States at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, Tennessee facility. This is the only manufacturing plant in the world to be certified “Platinum” by the U.S. Green Building Council because of its overall attention to the environment. Make sure and stay in touch with Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale to see when the new Atlas will make its first appearance.

Touareg an Upscale SUV at Affordable Price


Flagship Utility Vehicle All About Comfort

As the flagship SUV in the Volkswagen lineup, the Touareg is full of luxury features and technology that make your daily drive pure pleasure. With a new Wolfsburg trim package that includes sophisticated touches like two-tone leather seats, stainless steel accents, racing pedals and heated and ventilated front seats, the 2017 VW Touareg is designed with the occupants in mind. The new Touareg is also packed with a suite of driver assistance safety features and offers the RNS 850 navigation system that utilizes an 8-inch touchscreen that delivers your route in stunning HD with 3D graphics. See how special the new Touareg is by taking a trip to Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale.

V6 Teams With Standard All-wheel Drive

The new Volkswagen Touareg is powered by a naturally-aspirated 3.6L V8 that produces 280 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque. As an integrated part of a powertrain that includes an automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, the engine has more than enough power for most recreational needs, as well as the ability to power through mountain passes with a family full of occupants. Different driving modes let you tune the response based on your desires and road conditions. A clever bit of technology reduces the engine’s rpm by approximately 30 percent when you hit the top gear, increasing fuel efficiency.

Enjoy Cabin Built for Royalty

Once you sit behind the wheel of the new VW Touareg, you may not want to get out. Soft LED lighting creates a seductive mood as you slide into the plush seats. An ergonomic layout of controls makes sense, putting everything the driver needs within easy reach. A high-powered audio system includes a 60 gigabyte hard drive and connectivity to your iPod or MP3 player to effortlessly stream concert quality sound. Step up to the Executive trim level and you get a 620-watt system with 10 speakers to envelope you with your favorite music.

Safety Technology Incorporates Modern Technology

From the specially-designed chassis which diverts damage away from the cabin to the suite of driver assistance features, the new Volkswagen Touareg is built with safety in mind. The pros at Chapman Volkswagen will give you a complete explanation of all the features, which include a rollover sensor system, automatic post-collision braking and cruise control that automatically maintains a safe distance between you and the vehicle directly in front. When you’re considering a full-size SUV, make sure and put the new Touareg on your list.


Well-designed Sedan Hits All the Right Notes

When Motor Trend magazine named the Volkswagen Passat its “Car of the Year” in 2012, the editors marveled at the midsize sedan’s exquisite detailing, attention to craftsmanship and superior engineering. There was nothing flashy about the Passat then, and the same remains true today. It’s just a well-engineered car that delivers a superb drive whether you’re taking a run through the mountains or dropping the kids off at school. Make sure and consider the Passat for your new sedan choice. You can compare models and take a test drive at Chapman Volkswagen.

Well-designed Interior Puts Controls in Reach

One of the things the Motor Trend editors like most about the Passat is the well-thought out interior design. Not only are all the controls within easy reach of the driver, but VW has stuck with knobs for climate control and audio volume instead of the fancy touch screens of some other sedans that can be confusing and ineffective. That’s not to say the Passat is without 21st century technology. The 2016 Passat has a modern touchscreen infotainment system that includes the ability to swipe and pinch to move through screens and select from the menu. Aside from technology, rear seat passengers will thank you for choosing the Passat. The sedan’s enormous interior has plenty of room for adult legs to stretch out. Everyone will enjoy the use of sound deadening material to keep the road noise on the outside.

Choose Power or Better Gas Mileage

If you like a little more scoot in your giddyup, you might want to pick the 3.6L V6 FSI direct injection engine that produces 280 horsepower and eye-opening 258 pound-feet of torque. The V6 gets a very respectable 28 mpg on the highway and 20 mpg in the city, but you can do a little better on efficiency if you opt for the 1.8L TSI engine. Expect 34 mpg on the highway and 23 in the city, according to EPA estimates. Both engines are paired with 6-speed automatic transmissions that have a Sport mode to deliver a more aggressive driving experience.

Seven Ways to Stay Safer

The Volkswagen Passat has seven different driver assistance features that will help ensure you and your passengers arrive safely at your destination. Forward Collision Warning and Autonomous Emergency Braking not only gives you an alert of an impending crash, but also applies the brakes if you fail to act. Park Pilot and Parking Steering Assistant help you wedge into those tight urban spots, while Adaptive Cruise Control keeps a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front. Rear Traffic Alert, Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Monitoring all issue alerts if you are about to do something you’ll regret. Head over to Chapman Volkswagen and check out the entire Passat inventory to see why it remains a leader in the midsize sedan category.

Concept VW Electrifies Paris Auto Show

Autodesk VRED Professional 2016 SP1

Up to 373 Miles on a Single Charge

The new Volkswagen I.D. electric concept vehicle was the talk of the Paris Auto Show, offering range unprecedented in the electric vehicle (EV) world. With the ability to go up to 373 miles on a single charge, the VW I.D. promises to blow the top off the EV market when it begins full production for the 2020 model year. One of the reasons EVs have not sold as well as anticipated is the “range phobia” of the auto consumer. Buyers are concerned they will be stranded with no power and no means of getting home. Keep in touch with Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale to see the strides Volkswagen makes as it works to build an EV that not only solves environmental problems, but also allays buyer concerns.

Expect High Level of Automation

When the I.D. Concept car comes to fruition in 2020, you can expect that many of the functions that fall on a driver today will be completely automated. You will have your very own VW ID, a profile which automatically adjusts the seats, controls the climate and provides all your favorite radio settings and chosen lighting. All your ID settings will live in the cloud, ready to serve you as soon as you enter the vehicle. You’ll also be able to connect easily with your home, turning on the lights, setting the air conditioning to just the right temperature and even warming up the oven. Never home when the delivery man arrives? Arrange to have the parcel delivered to your new VW. If you’re not in the car, access from your Smartphone can pop the trunk to allow the parcel to be placed inside.

Mobility of Future Key to I.D. Design

“Before we first put pen to paper for the I.D. project, we debated the topic of mobility in the future at length,” according to VW design chief Klaus Bischoff. “It is clear that the care of the future, and thus the mobile space, will be a place of communication more than ever before. The Open Space in the I.D. is just such a place.” Volkswagen wants the I.D. to be a car that interacts with the driver so that every movement has a reason. The neatly designed interior features a steering wheel that retracts into the dashboard, creating a flush area that increases the Open Space. The result is an interior that has more of a “lounge” feeling than that of a car. It is a place for relaxing and conversation in a car that will eventually take over the driving chores as well. it will only be about 3 years before the I.D. shows up on the Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale lot. In the meantime, enjoy the technology available in the Volkswagen inventory, cars that were made for the autobahn.

SportWagen a Fun Family Hauler


Versatile Layout Makes Loading a Snap

Drop either portion of the 60/40 folding rear seat in the VW SportWagen and you’ll find room for skis, grandma’s old TV and the boxes your kids are starting college with. Drop the whole seat and you can fit in enough pies for the school bake sale or all the soccer equipment for Saturday’s game. With the seats up, the SportWagen has room to fit five adults comfortably, making it the smart choice for your new commuter or family hauling vehicle. Add some roof rails on the top for luggage and you’ve got the perfect car for finally taking that summer road trip. See how many options for people and cargo handling the SportWagen provides by taking a quick trip to Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale.

Switch to Sport Mode for Performance

With a 1.8L turbocharged engine that delivers 170 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque, the SportWagen has plenty of pep under normal conditions to satisfy the needs for most drivers. For those occasions when you find a particularly enchanting stretch of highway that just begs for a little extra attention, switch to Sport mode to tighten up the suspension and adjust the throttle for an even more spirited drive. “We’re hard-pressed to think of a vehicle that fulfills its mission better than VW’s Golf SportWagen,” reads the review in Car and Driver magazine. “The VW is comfortable, looks good, hauls a ton of stuff, is reasonably priced, is one of the best highway cruisers available anywhere, and can more than hold its own if you decide to assault a local back road.”

Interior Tops in Layout and Use of Quality Materials

Slide into the driver’s seat of the new VW SportWagen and you’ll find yourself surrounded with quality materials and controls laid out in a logical manner. Superior craftsmanship and attention to detail means all the gaps are tight and the doors close with a resounding thud familiar to those who enjoy German engineering. Sculpted front seats are not only comfortable for long drives, but also serve to hold you firmly in place when it’s time to start careening around corners. An available driver’s seat with 12-way adjustments lets you pick just the right spot for comfort. VW’s Car-Net App-Connect system lets you hook right up to your smartphone for a limited number of apps and to listen to music or make a hands-free call. The available touchscreen navigation system is logically designed so that its easy to plan a route, find a restaurant or turn off on a scenic drive. The best way to see all the features of the new SportWagen is to take a test drive at Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale.

VW Jumbo SUV Near Production Ready


Motor Trend Reports Big SUV in Pre-production

Motor Trend magazine, one of the top consumer publications in the auto industry, reports that VW is nearing the production stage for a large three-row SUV designed to compete with Explorer, Tahoe and Highlander. As yet unnamed, the project has the working title of “B-SUV.” Motor Trend journalists joined a few others in a guided tour held at the Chattanooga production facility to get a glimpse of a camouflaged test model. The name should be released later this month and pictures released later this fall. Stay in touch with your Volkswagen Scottsdale dealership, Chapman Volkswagen to learn more about Volkswagen’s entry in the large SUV market.

Choice of Engines and Drivetrain

Motor Trend has learned that the B-SUV will offer consumers a choice of either a 220 horsepower 4-cylinder engine or a VR6 similar to the one in the Passat. Both engines will utilize an 8-speed automatic transmission and drivers will have a choice for front or all-wheel drive. VW execs were not specific, but did tell Motor Trend the B-SUV will tow several thousand pounds. Suspension consists of coils in the rear and struts in the front with no adjustability by the driver. Throttle, anti-lock brakes and traction control will be adjustable to suit the road conditions. The B-SUV will also offer systems to control the speed on steep descents and help get you started on sharp inclines. A VW exec told Motor Trend that customers will be impressed by the new vehicle’s “autobahn-bred driving dynamics.”

New SUV Adds to Lineup

The new B-SUV adds to a Volkswagen SUV lineup that already includes the sporty compact Tiguan and mid-size Touareg. The Tiguan comes with a 200-horsepower engine and offers the option of all-wheel drive. It delivers 24 mpg on the highway and has luxurious options such as a panoramic sunroof, leather seats, steering wheel infotainment controls and push-button start. The larger Touareg is great for accommodating people or cargo, delivering 64 cubic feet of space once you fold the rear seats down. Luxury touches include optional heated seats for those ski trips, a heated steering wheel, dual-zone climate control and Bi-Xenon headlights. A hands-free power lift gate is a welcome addition when your hands are full of shopping bags. Head to Chapman Volkswagen for a great selection of SUVs. Stay tuned for the first delivery of the larger B-SUV sometime late next year.

BUDD-e Chosen as Concept Truck of Year

9 Chapman VW Scotts

All-electric Microbus Addresses Needs of Future

Although the clamor for a new version of the microbus still rings strong with VW fans, the closest you can get for now is the BUDD-e concept vehicle. Named the “2016 Concept Truck of the Year” at the recent Concept Vehicle Awards in Michigan, the BUDD-e checks off all the boxes to help solve mobility problems now and in the future. “We are thrilled that the BUDD-e has been honored as 2016 Concept Truck of the Year and would like to thank the panel of judges for recognizing Volkswagen’s innovation,” VW director of marketing Dr. Hendrik Muth said. “We are determined to lead the future of automotive design, and BUDD-e shows the capabilities of our all-new electric vehicle architecture and further advances connectivity and infotainment.” Although you can’t buy the BUDD-e, you can see VW’s innovation and eye to the future by examining the entire Volkswagen inventory at your Volkswagen Scottsdale dealership, Chapman Volkswagen.

BUDD-e Provides Look Into Transportation Future

With features like a range of 233 miles, gesture control to operate in-vehicle systems and an integrated communication system that works with both your home, other vehicles and smartphones, the BUDD-e offers some of the most sophisticated technology to date in the automotive industry. The BUDD-e was one of 20 concept vehicles presented to two dozen judges for review. There is no word if the BUDD-e, or something similar, will ever become a production vehicle available for sale.

New VW EV Debuting in Paris

According to the blog “Autocar,” VW will be unveiling a new all-electric car at the Paris Auto Show in September. It will be about the same size as the Golf hatchback, but the interior will remind consumers more of the Passat. Autocar said that the VW engineers have accepted the challenge to build an Electric Vehicle (EV) that delivers a 310-mile range, has a charge time less than 20 minutes, and costs less or the same than a gasoline engine car with similar features. There are reports that the vehicle, yet unnamed, could be on the Chapman Volkswagen sales lot by 2019, but other estimates have the release date closer to 2025. “Nobody can say when it will be a reality, but we are working on it,” VW CEO Matthias Muller said. For now, VW fans have the option of buying the e-Golf, a hatchback with the styling of the popular Golf that delivers the equivalent of 126 mpg in the city.