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As 2013 rolls along, many of us will suffer from the sobering realization that our New Year’s resolutions did not make it through the month.  One resolution that you should keep, however, is one that you may not even have made: the resolution to take better care of your vehicle.  As the technicians at your Phoenix VW dealer will tell you, a small amount of effort toward preventing mechanical problems is the best way to protect your automotive investment.

J.D. Power and Associates offers the following tips for caring for your vehicle:

Break in your new vehicle properly.  Although this tip applies mostly to owners of new vehicles, the core message applies to everyone: your driving habits have a significant impact on the reliability of your vehicle.  When a new vehicle is delivered, many internal components have not yet worn into place.  Driving too aggressively within the first few hundred odometer miles may not allow seals to properly seat and could cause lasting damage to the engine.  For vehicles with higher miles, erratic driving can cause unnecessary strain to mechanical parts as well as premature wear to parts which are designed to deteriorate, such as tires and brake pads.

Regularly clean your vehicle (inside and out).  In addition to the obvious benefit of driving a nice-looking auto, keeping your vehicle free of dust and debris can reduce the need for future repairs.  Many of the engine’s parts (like the intake manifold, the air conditioner, etc.) need to remain clean in order to function.  Those parts are generally protected by filters which should be periodically inspected and replaced – a simple service available at your local Scottsdale Volkswagen service center.  Keeping your vehicle clean reduces the rate at which filters degrade and reduces the likelihood that debris will find its way into critical sealed areas of the engine, potentially preventing a catastrophic mechanical failure.

Keep a maintenance log.  Perhaps the most oft-overlooked and important part of routine maintenance is keeping a detailed maintenance log.  Even if you do the maintenance yourself, a simple handwritten log of the services performed, odometer mileage at the time of the service, and the date can dramatically improve the resale or trade-in value of your vehicle.  Many warranties even require that maintenance logs are kept for certain types of repairs to be covered.  The owner’s manual of your vehicle probably has a maintenance log template – use it!

Routine maintenance is easy to forget, particularly when your schedule is busy.  The minor inconvenience of regular oil changes and inspections pales in comparison to the headache of major repairs.  Plus, with the fast and affordable service available at Chapman Volkswagen, a resolution to keep your auto in top shape is one of the easiest to keep.



The value of a pre-owned automobile is not lost on today’s buyers.  In fact, the popularity (and value retention) of pre-owned vehicles has never been higher than in the last few years, prompting many manufacturers to offer guaranteed buyback programs at near-market value.  In response to these facts, your local Phoenix Volkswagen dealer now offers a limited warranty package for quality pre-owned vehicles built by other manufacturers.

The new Volkswagen WorldAuto program applies to qualifying pre-owned vehicles, regardless of their manufacturer.  The WorldAuto limited warranty package covers the vehicle for one year or 12,000 miles with only a $100 deductible for service.  The WorldAuto pre-owned certification process always begins with a 112-point inspection by a qualified automotive technician, according to the Volkswagen website.  This means that every pre-owned vehicle that Volkswagen offers, whether originally built by the German manufacturer or not, is placed on the lot only after Volkswagen technicians are convinced that it retains a high level of performance and reliability.

The WorldAuto inventory system provides access to over 2,800 dealerships, ensuring that buyers can find virtually any make and model they desire – your local Scottsdale VW dealer is no exception.  The program also includes rental car coverage of up to $35 per day for ten days, as well as one year of roadside assistance and $50 toward any flat tire, fuel delivery, lockout, jump start, or emergency towing service.  Additionally, Volkswagen sweetens the deal by including three free months of Sirius XM Satellite Radio service and travel protection for trips over 100 miles from home.

Plus, if you do fall in love with one of Volkswagen’s many offerings, the same certified pre-owned warranty applies to qualifying vehicles, but with a two-year, 24,000 mile term.  If you are considering purchasing a pre-owned vehicle but have questions or concerns, the WorldAuto program provides both inventory variety and the assurance of a limited warranty program superior to many of those offered by manufacturers for their own vehicles.  Call or stop by Chapman Volkswagen to learn more about WorldAuto or any of Volkswagen’s other programs and services.