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Winter is coming and this means colder weather, even in Phoenix. Cool weather effects all cars, but can be especially hard on convertibles. To look at new convertibles visit Chapman Volkswagen.

According to, fabric convertible tops are especially susceptible to rain damage. A convertible top cleaner and protectant can be beneficial. Autogeek recommends cleaning your convertible top with Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo, 303 Convertible Top Cleaner or RaggTopp. A vinyl protectant can ensure that your top will keeps its color and texture. Autogeek suggests RaggTopp Vinyl Protectant. Experts suggest washing the top like this at least twice a year. Washing of the rest of the car should be done frequently and if possible, by hand.

The windows in convertibles tend to age faster. Autogeek has some suggestions for this as well. Consider treating with Diamondite Plasti-Care, which prevents cracking and ensures clarity.

If you live in a place that gets snow, makes sure to clear the snow off the top of your vehicle. This can severely damage the top. Do the same for any ice with a soft brush or a mitt, according to Also, do not operate the roof in cold temperatures. Also avoid putting your roof down when it’s wet (this can cause mold).

If you use an ice scraper on your windshield be extra careful of avoiding contact with the top. The scraper can damage a fabric top.

Don’t let the cooler weather ruin your beautiful convertible. If you take the time and care necessary, you can keep your convertible looking great throughout the winter. To check out new cars visit Volkswagen in Scottsdale, Arizona.



The electric plug-in market has been slowly but steadily gaining popularity due to an increase in gas prices and the worldwide movement to reduce pollution. Volkswagen has entered the e-Up! and e-Golf into the e-car market. These cars bridge the gap between sports car and smart car. A dial on the dash of the e-Up! lets the driver control the level of regenerative breaking that occurs. This allows the driver to drive economically and fast. Other than the dial and electronic engine however, it is very much like a gas-powered car.

The e-Up! is the first VW e-car to be made available at Chapman Volkswagen and other dealers. It is small and modern without much flash. It has a dash-based dial that adjusts regenerative braking as needed. It takes a little over five seconds to reach top speed, but is comparable to other small metropolitan-style cars and is a direct competitor to the BMW i3. It efficiently uses space and energy to provide a modern electronic vehicle. The best thing about it is how much like a “normal car” it looks and drives like. What makes it different is that it gives off zero amounts of CO2 emissions.

The e-Golf is the next car to enter the market.  The e-Golf will try and convince buyers that electronic cars aren’t just a niche or a fad. It is predicted to be able to reach 93 miles on one charge and is also predicted to be able to reach a top speed of 87 mph. At first glance it looks a lot like the European hit the VW Golf. Upon further inspection, some slight adjustments in the frame have been made to improve aerodynamics and therefore efficiency. Even the wheels have been made more aerodynamic. The e-Golf is perfect for the motorist who lives in the big city and is tired of wasting gas money in traffic. The e-Golf  is powered by futuristic technology that will allow it to travel up to 93 miles on one charge and achieve a top speed of 87mph. It is VW’s attempt to make the e-car a daily driver for the masses.

For more information on Volkswagen’s sustainable technology movement, talk to your VW dealer in Scottsdale.