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Nothing feels as fresh as a clean car. Instead of spending money to have it detailed by a professional, why not give it a go yourself? Here are a few simple steps to cleaning your car’s interior like the pros at Chapman VW Scottsdale do!

Step One: Clean the big stuff
Clear out large debris like leaves and litter regularly. This ensures they don’t get ground into floors or slide into hard-to-reach spots.

Step Two: Shake it out!
Shake your floor mats out to remove dust and smaller debris. Then, vacuum the mats and the interior floors to pull up anything left behind.

Step Three: Hard surface shining
Wipe down your windows, dashboard and other hard surfaces with a damp cloth. Use a window cleaner on the windows, but be sure you spray the solution onto the cloth outside of the car so you don’t get any on your leather or cloth interiors.

Step Four: Cloth sections
Always clean any spills with a damp cloth immediately to avoid staining. When it is time for a deep clean, vacuum the seat with an upholstery attachment and make sure to get in the folds and creases. You can also buy dry foam or other specialized cleaning agent to brush in and wipe off to pull deeper dirt from within the fabric.

Step Five: Leather interiors
As with cloth interiors, always wipe up spills promptly using a moist cotton or wool cloth. Then, vacuum the seat with a light brush attachment. Be sure you go over sections that have pores, as dirt can get caught in the perforations and wear the leather down.

If you have leather seats, you know the sun shining through your windows can cause some discoloration. Using special leather treatment solutions every six months will help keep your leather interior from fading in the sun and keep the leather soft. However, it does require some caution. Always follow the directions on your particular brand of leather care solution.

To clean a heavily soiled area, mix up a mild soap solution (using two teaspoons of dye and fragrance-free soap and one quart of water) and apply to the area with a cloth. Take care not to completely saturate any area of the leather or stitching. Dry the area with a fresh cloth.

You can find a large selection of cleaning products at Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale, in the accessories department.

VW Digital Radio

Volkswagen has become the first mainstream manufacturer to fit digital radio, also known as HD Radio, as standard on all new cars sold at Chapman Volkswagen. Digital radio technology is an upgrade from analog radio.  In these systems, the analog audio signal is digitized, compressed using formats such as mp2, and transmitted using a digital modulation scheme. The aim of digital radio is to increase the number of radio programs in a given spectrum; eliminate unwanted noise, providing a richer, more vibrant sound; eliminate fading problems in mobile environments; allow additional data-casting services and decrease the transmission power or the number of transmitters required to cover a region.

Digital radio uses the digital signal to bring you other amazing content as well. Volkswagen is currently offering eight vehicles with HD Radio as standard. These include the Beetle, CC, Eos, Golf, Jetta, Passat, Tiguan and Touareg. The HD spectrum includes features such as program info, which identifies song names, artists, station IDs and other useful information. Even more impressive, drivers can receive images, such as album art, making it a visually exciting multimedia experience. That’s’ not all. If you hear a song you like, you can use “iTunes tagging”, and the radio receiver will save the content information, which can be reviewed or purchased later through the iTunes store. And the 2015 Golf will be the first Volkswagen to include the upgraded “Artist’s Experience” feature on HD Radio, which will deliver station logos as well as artist album cover art and enhanced digital information.

HD Radio gives customers a greater than ever choice of stations for their listening pleasure, from music and comedy to news and sports.  Of course, all Volkswagen audio systems also include AM/FM radio reception too, and the majority of models come with Bluetooth audio connectivity, as well as iPod, USB or aux-in connections.

For more information on Volkswagen’s HD Radio technology, visit Chapman Volkswagen in Scottsdale!