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VW LogBox and Race App

VW LogBox and Race App

Do you fancy an F1-like experience, recording lap times with full telemetry and even a video recording you can share with friends and social media contracts? In the proud tradition of VW Motorsport, Volkswagen has introduced its LogBox and Race App to fans across the globe. In Arizona, Chapman Volkswagen of Scottsdale is home to all the “hardware” these systems need to work. Both affordable and easy to use, the LogBox is pure plug-and-play.

LogBox is a small, dash-mounted electronic device that plugs into your car’s OBD II (on-board diagnostic) system via the computer’s connection port. Next, users download the Race App from the app store to their smartphone. The app connects to LogBox via a Bluetooth connection. With multiple modes available, the user can collect a wealth of data that includes acceleration, distance, engine performance, G-force, turbo boost pressure, speed and RPMs. You can use the information to analyze your times, compare current stats to historical data, and track your own performance mods.



When you’re on the track, use the Race App in combination with Google maps to chart the circuit, then track your lap times. But here’s the best part: Race App will record video from within the app, matched to your performance data (think Go-Pro with telemetry!). How cool will it be to post your VW adventures with the world via social media? A quick YouTube search turned up dozens of enthusiasts across the globe who have used LogBox and Race App to share their on- and off-track experiences.

Although LogBox hasn’t arrived in the U.S. yet, it is expected any day. Other aftermarket data acquisition systems are available; however, they are generally quite pricey (some are over $10,000) and can be tricky to install. LogBox is expected to drop at around $299 to $350 and the Race App is free. Installation takes just moments. If you just can’t wait, some users have ordered LogBox from VW’s accessories store in Germany but beware! The app interface is in German. In the U.S., the system will initially be compatible with the VW Golf R but it’s anticipated to work with other R-class models in the future.

Even without recording your performance for posterity, you can enjoy the on-track feel and experience every day in any of the exhilarating VW models. For the best deals in new and used Volkswagen Arizona looks to Chapman VW in Scottsdale. Visit today to see all the great model year close-out deals and, while you’re there, ask if LogBox is ready for your rookie race debut.

Logbox Track Image

Race App Circuit Tracking

Logbox CircuitRace App Circuit Tracking

Golf R Touch Concept

Golf R Touch Concept Debuts at CES 2015

Volkswagen made a big splash at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held recently in Las Vegas. With a concept version of the 2016 Golf GTE headlining the revolutionary VW technology developments, the future of the brand looks both bright and fun indeed! In the Phoenix area, Chapman VW of Scottsdale is excited to start sharing some of these intuitive, innovative with tech-minded motorists.

With its history of industry-leading technology innovation, Volkswagen is dedicated to improving the driving experience. And although the new features introduced at CES are certainly fun new bells and whistles, each has been designed to improve safety, convenience and even performance. VW drivers live life on the go and, in the near future, they’ll enjoy an unprecedented level of connection with the world as well as with their vehicles.

The annual Consumer Electronics Show, held each January, is the world’s largest stage for the introduction of radical innovation and new technology. The VCR, CDs, HDTV and smartphones all made their debut at past CES events. This year, the Internet of Things, wearable tech, “smart home” and automotive interconnectivity were the hot topics. The wonks at CNET latched on to the Volkswagen Golf R Touch concept hatchback introduced at CES 2015, raving about its revolutionary features.

The Golf R Touch has gesture-controlled functionality as well as autonomous parking capabilities. One of the revolutionary “hands-off” systems that represent the future of motor vehicles, the Golf R Touch has eliminated physical switches, replacing that functionality with proximity sensor-driven gesture controls and capacitive systems. CNET’s reviewer demonstrated by opening the sunroof with a simple hand gesture.

The dual-screen infotainment system, with both touch and gesture capabilities, brings the vehicle’s information system and controls to the driver’s fingertips. Steering wheel controls, while having the appearance of individual buttons, are actually integrated into one singular touchpad, reducing the number of required components. Haptic feedback technology is integrated into the seats, providing the feeling of a high-end subwoofer and speaker system. Dynamic smartphone and app integration provide additional capabilities not seen before in vehicle technology.

The future is here and Volkswagen is leading the industry in intelligent vehicle technology. And although many exciting innovations and improvements are on the horizon, the full line of VW vehicles available today feature countless exhilarating advancements and connectivity. Visit Chapman VW today and check out the 2015 Volkswagen Golf and Golf GTI models.

Golf R Touch app

Golf R Touch App

VW Golf 7 Alltrack

Volkswagen Golf 7 Alltrack

Following on the heels of the 2015 Tiguan 4Motion, Volkswagen introduced the revolutionary new VW Golf 7 Alltrack at the recent Paris International Auto Show. Part Estate car and part SUV, the Alltrack is meant to transition seamlessly between off-road and on. In the Phoenix area, all of the newest VW models are available at Chapman Volkswagen of Scottsdale. Unfortunately you may have to wait a while for the new Golf Alltrack.

A true all-terrain vehicle, is based on the same concept as the Passat Alltrack, offering permanent 4MOTION all-wheel drive. With 20 millimeters of extra ground clearance, independent front and rear suspension and adapted body styling, the Golf 7 Alltrack is a stylish and timeless means for tacking the off-road rough stuff.

The Golf Alltrack is available with four 4-cylinder engine choices: a 1.8L TSI, a direct-injection, turbo-charged powerhouse with economical fuel comsuption and three clean diesel TDI options, 1.6, 2.0 (150 PS) and 2.0 (184 PS).

Using the Golf Estate body style as a basis, the Golf 7 Alltrack adds customizations including black arched wheel moldings, redesigned bumpers and flared side sills. With 17-inch alloy wheels, custom door mirror caps and several other branded customization details, the Golf 7 Alltrack is much more than a crossover adaptation of old technology.

The Golf 7 Alltrack switches its game a bit on the interior, with a level of luxury that renders it truly an estate car. Leather trim details, custom seat covers, ambient lights, automatic climate control and a “Composition Touch” infotainment system are some of the high-end highlights.

The Golf 7 Alltrack introduction follows up a test showing of an Alltrack concept vehicle several years ago at the New York car show. Auto manufacturers rarely put that much effort into a concept car without a specific intent to produce a similar vehicle in the future. Consequently, the new Golf Alltrack has been heavily anticipated since that time.

Although there are not yet announced plans to bring the Golf 7 Alltrack to the U.S., insiders believe that it will be launched stateside with or prior to the 2017 model year release. Meanwhile, the VW Jetta Sportswagen makes a nice substitute. Drive it today at Chapman Volkswagen of Scottsdale.

VW Golf 7 Alltrack Debuts

VW Golf 7 Alltrack Debuts