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Golf SportWagen Debuts This Month

When the new Volkswagen Golf SportWagen shows up at Chapman VW Scottsdale later this month, the diesel version will have a couple of advantages over the gasoline configuration. First advantage is the 36-month lease, which for the S trim package goes for $309 a month for the diesel version. The gas-powered model leases for $319 a month. The second advantage is in fuel economy. The TDI diesel gets 43 miles per gallon on the highway compared to 36 mpg for the gas engine model.

SportWagen Joins Popular Golf Lineup

When the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen debuts, it will add to a popular Golf lineup that provides something for everyone looking for basic transportation to those who want a real sports car. The base Golf comes with a 1.8-liter turbo charged engine that delivers 37 mpg on the highway. Need a little more power? Step up to the sporty 210-horsepower Golf GTI complete with a sportier interior and exterior look. If that’s still too slow for your taste, the new Golf R delivers 292 spine busting horsepower to go along with an upgraded interior and a host of technology that combined to make it “Motor Trend” magazine’s car of the year for 2015.

Other Golf Lease Specials

The SportWagen isn’t the only Golf with a lease special. Other finance deals that run through April 30 include a $289 a month lease on the GTI S with a manual transmission. The base Golf lease is only $199 a month and the TDI has a special lease package of $259 a month. All leases are for 36 months with $1999 due at signing to qualified buyers. Visit Chapman VW Scottsdale for a wide selection of Volkswagens including the new Golf SportWagen later this month.

Golf Alltrack SportWagen Coming Next Year

An all-wheel drive model of the Golf SportWagen will go on sale in 2016 as a 2017 model. The new vehicle will have an inch more clearance than the current SportWagen as well as flared sides that offer protection from obstacles. The Alltrack SportWagen utilizes a drive system that stays in front wheel drive mode until it notices wheel slip. Then it provides power to the appropriate wheel to maintain stability and keep the vehicle moving. The Alltrack SportWagen will have the same load capacity of a compact SUV, but with better handling and increased fuel efficiency. The new vehicle is being released in honor of Volkswagen’s 60th anniversary of selling cars in America.