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Most Powerful Production GTI

For the Golf’s 40th birthday, Volkswagen is rolling out a special anniversary 2016 GTI that promises to produce 261 horsepower, the most powerful GTI to ever roll off an assembly line. As if that weren’t enough VW promises to also include a boost button that pumps up the production by another 10 percent for short periods of time. That makes the little hatchback perfect for everything from freeway merges to sliding in front of your arch nemesis at the elementary school pickup location. A custom interior and special aerodynamic exterior kit help the vehicle look as fast as it feels. There is no word yet on when the new Volkswagen Golf will be arriving on U.S. shores and into the showroom at Chapman Volkswagen.

Fast and Furious 8?

With the relatively large engine, tuned suspension and an aerodynamic kit that provides enough down force to keep the car stable at high speeds, the new Volkswagen Golf GTI might be at home on a closed track or the set of a racing movie. Distinctive exterior elements include a new front bumper with air deflectors on the side and a splitter in the center, a black roof and side trim stripe to set off the Oryx White paint. Nineteen-inch wheels and black door caps on the mirrors complete the outside ensemble.

Interior Features Tartan Fabric

A sharp tartan interior is offset with red stitching to make the racing bucket seats as beautiful as the rest of the vehicle. A black headliner carries the accents over from the exterior and the iconic Golf ball sits on top of the shifter. The Honeycomb 40 trim strips on the instrument panel, console and doors create a sharp accent that screams “speed.” The fabric and stitching of the seats is also used on the sports steering wheel. Other features and accessories will be announced later this year. Stay in touch with Chapman Volkswagen to see when you can catch a test drive the Golf destined to be an instant classic.

Golf Had Distinction of Following Beetle

The German translation of Volkswagen literally means the “people’s car.” For decades, that moniker belonged to the mighty Beetle, a dependable, fun little car that took the world by storm following World War II. Coming up with one iconic vehicle is difficult enough, but then Volkswagen did it again when they unleashed the Golf (called Rabbit in America) in 1975. The Golf/Rabbit has been a cash cow for the company for most of the last 40 years. The newest iterations include diesel and racing options that promise to continue the popularity of this hatchback across a wide demographic of drivers.