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Hottest Compact Car Available

With sales of all the different Golf models up more than 150 percent this year, Volkswagen is having a record year for the little hatchback. The company has sold more than 45,000 vehicles to date after earning North American Car of the Year honors earlier in the season. The planning and attention to detail that went into the boost of Golf’s sales could have a positive effect on the rest of the VW lineup, according to industry analysts. Volkswagen Golf sales were largely responsible for a record three months of sales by VW this summer. You can see the entire lineup of Golf models at Chapman Volkswagen.

Golf Lineup Has Something for Everyone

With a lineup that includes a base hatchback, SportWagen, diesel, gas, electric and two sporty models, Golf appeals to a wide base of customers. While diesel buyers are looking for fuel economy and extended range, GTI buyers like the handling and power Volkswagen puts into the Golf. Volkswagen has a unique setup in its manufacturing plants that allows gas, diesel and electric vehicles all to be built on the same assembly line. “The Golf seemed to remain true to that historical VW product execution strategy, and it seems to be resonating,” said True Car vice president Eric Lyman.

Cost Reduction Helped Boost Sales

VW took a hard look at the pricing of the Golf and decided to offer some better value options, which helped boost sales to the record levels. For example, the Golf TDI was never offered in a base model before this year. VW made that change and as a result buyers can get a diesel for about $3,000 less than last season. VW also added extra features to some of the gasoline models without raising the sticker price. You can see all the value the Golf has to offer for yourself with a visit to Chapman Volkswagen.

SportWagen Alltrack Coming Next Year

As if you didn’t have enough choices already with the Golf, VW is offering an off-road version to arrive for the 2017 model season. The Golf SportWagen Alltrack will have four wheel drive, higher clearance and other accessories that make it suitable for dirt road and some trail driving. With the fuel economy of the Volkswagen Golf, expect it to give other compact four-wheelers a run for their money. As the American auto market becomes globalized, Volkswagen is positioning itself to be a major player for the U.S. auto dollar.