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VW Takes Jazzed Up Fleet All Over America

Volkswagen has already started its annual Summer Enthusiast Show Fleet tour for 2016, taking a whole fleet of top performance VWs around the country for fans to enjoy. These VWs are not just the cream of the crop, they are also decked out in wild colors with special wheels to show fans just how creative a Volkswagen can be. The result is a rich collection of cars that pay homage to the tradition of VW with a modern touch. See the latest VW inventory with a trip to Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale.

Golf GTI Pumps Up the Purple

A stunning purple paint job and special wheels show off the possibilities when it comes to one of VW’s most popular hatchbacks. The Golf GTI enthusiast vehicle is lowered with a set of 20-inch gold forged wheels. The wheel color transfers over to the door stripe, which is mirrored again on the cargo carrier on top. This little monster shows how you can haul cargo and people while still having a fun time. It, along with other special vehicles, will be on display in Fontana, CA at the Fastivus show August 13 and 14.

Golf 1.8T Delivers Classic Look

Utilizing the Ball Green paint hue that was made famous on the Mk 1 VW Rabbit, the Golf 1.8T that VW is putting on display utilizes a classic look with some special flair. Once again, gold spoke wheels deliver a feeling of richness, with that color carried over into the yellow-tinted headlights. This car also sits a couple of inches lower than normal because of special performance coilovers. The black stripe on the doors adds the finishing touch.

Passat Speaks to Air Ride Contingent

The Passat that VW is offering up for this special tour is specially made for all the air ride suspension fans in America. A custom leveling air suspension package not only lets the driver adjust the height of the car, but delivers a ride that is literally like sitting on air. A “Satin Ocean Shimmer” wrap delivers a sheen that is popular with many VW fans. Michelin Pilot Sport tires are fitted onto 20-inch wheels.

Golf R Finds Inspiration in U.K. Scirocco

A black Scirocco GT that’s only available in the United Kingdom serves as the inspiration for the black Golf R that’s part of the enthusiast tour. Designers have wrapped the roof of the show car in a black matte finish, which compliments the sport tires. Although you can’t buy any of these cars, you can remind yourself just how fun a VW is to drive by taking a trip to Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale.


Americans Love Their SUVs

The midsize Volkswagen Tiguan remains a strong performer in the SUV market, increasing sales more than 58 percent for April over the previous year. By moving 3,804 units in North America, Tiguan is one of the sales leaders for VW, following only the Golf, Jetta and Passat. “We are pleased with the performance in our retail business, driven by vehicles like the Tiguan, GTI and Golf R,” according to VW America CEO Mark McNabb. Take a Tiguan for a test drive at Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale and marvel at the comfort, performance and technology.

200 Horses Create Turbocharged Excitement

Once you’re done admiring the exterior beauty of the VW Tiguan, slip behind the wheel and see just how much fun can be created from 200 turbocharged horsepower. Add 4MOTION all-wheel drive for help straightening out those curves or taking command on an icy road. A 6-speed automatic shifts seamlessly through the gears, getting the maximum performance and power out of the TSI engine. With 26 mpg on the highway, you’ll be passing those gas station stops and leaving other SUVs in your dust.

Interior has Room for Five

With a 60/40 split rear folding seat and comfortable leather covered buckets in the front, the Tiguan has room for five adults or a variety of cargo. Rear tie down buckles keep your gear in place with plenty of cargo space behind the upright rear seats. If you’re packing skis or golf clubs, just fold down one seat and still have room for four adults. Long journeys are made more comfortable with the nicely-padded seats, panoramic sunroof and dual-zone climate control. Keyless access lets you open all the doors by pulling on just one door handle, and push button start gets you on your way without fumbling for keys.

Tiguan R-Line Adds Some Flair

For a little beefier appearance on the road, step up to the R-Line package which adds side skirts, a cool rear bumper and enhanced wheel arches. The result is an SUV with a strong, stylish attitude. A rear spoiler provides downforce and sport suspension is tuned to let you feel the road, resulting in an improved driving experience whether you’re taking the kids to school or heading out to the slopes for a weekend of skiing. VW Car-Net App Connect keeps you in touch with the rest of the world, whether you want to stream music, check your text messages or plan a route. See all the features the Volkswagen Tiguan has to offer by taking a trip to Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale.