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Alltrack Provides Sporty Off-road Option


Extra Lift Means More Clearance

By adding an extra 1.4 inches of lift and all-wheel drive to the Golf SportWagen, Volkswagen has created what it hopes to be the answer for people seeking a little something different to take on an off-road adventure. The 2017 VW Alltrack has longer springs and dampers than its Golf sibling, along with four different drive modes and hill descent control. What it thankfully shares with the SportWagen is the responsive steering and superb body control that lets the wagon glide through corners as though it were on rails. You can see what we mean by putting the Alltrack through its paces during a test drive at Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale.

Launch Control Provides Blast Off

Although there aren’t many opportunities out on the trail to test your time in the 0 to 60 mph run, the editors at Car and Driver magazine put the Alltrack to the test anyway. By using the launch control button to optimize takeoff, they were able to record a time of 7.5 seconds, which is actually a little faster than the SportWagen. Both vehicles scored a very respectable 15.9 seconds in the quarter-mile run. The Alltrack also proved to be one of the more efficient off-road vehicles on the market, earning a combined 26 mpg in Car and Driver testing.

4Motion All-wheel Drive Provides Control

When you need more traction to plow through a snow drift or climb a muddy hill, you can count on Volkswagen’s 4Motion All-wheel Drive system to come through. It utilizes sensors and works with other components to determine where you need traction, then automatically delivers power to help you maintain forward progress. When you switch the drive selector to “off-road” mode, the VW Alltrack automatically kicks in the hill descent control system that helps you keep your downward travel at a safe, constant speed.

Turbo 4-cylinder Provide Plenty of Pep

The fun and fast VW Alltrack is powered by a 1.8L TSI turbocharged motor that provides 170 horsepower and 199 pound-feet of torque. That’s more than enough zip to pass large trucks on the highway or climb that far-off peak, but the best part is the Alltrack has all that power and still earns a rating of 30 mpg on the highway. Right now during VW’s “Sign Then Drive” event, qualified buyers can lease a new Alltrack for just $419 a month, with no money down. Head to Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale today and take a test drive to see why the new Alltrack is destined to become the next big thing on the off-road market.

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