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SportWagen a Fun Family Hauler


Versatile Layout Makes Loading a Snap

Drop either portion of the 60/40 folding rear seat in the VW SportWagen and you’ll find room for skis, grandma’s old TV and the boxes your kids are starting college with. Drop the whole seat and you can fit in enough pies for the school bake sale or all the soccer equipment for Saturday’s game. With the seats up, the SportWagen has room to fit five adults comfortably, making it the smart choice for your new commuter or family hauling vehicle. Add some roof rails on the top for luggage and you’ve got the perfect car for finally taking that summer road trip. See how many options for people and cargo handling the SportWagen provides by taking a quick trip to Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale.

Switch to Sport Mode for Performance

With a 1.8L turbocharged engine that delivers 170 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque, the SportWagen has plenty of pep under normal conditions to satisfy the needs for most drivers. For those occasions when you find a particularly enchanting stretch of highway that just begs for a little extra attention, switch to Sport mode to tighten up the suspension and adjust the throttle for an even more spirited drive. “We’re hard-pressed to think of a vehicle that fulfills its mission better than VW’s Golf SportWagen,” reads the review in Car and Driver magazine. “The VW is comfortable, looks good, hauls a ton of stuff, is reasonably priced, is one of the best highway cruisers available anywhere, and can more than hold its own if you decide to assault a local back road.”

Interior Tops in Layout and Use of Quality Materials

Slide into the driver’s seat of the new VW SportWagen and you’ll find yourself surrounded with quality materials and controls laid out in a logical manner. Superior craftsmanship and attention to detail means all the gaps are tight and the doors close with a resounding thud familiar to those who enjoy German engineering. Sculpted front seats are not only comfortable for long drives, but also serve to hold you firmly in place when it’s time to start careening around corners. An available driver’s seat with 12-way adjustments lets you pick just the right spot for comfort. VW’s Car-Net App-Connect system lets you hook right up to your smartphone for a limited number of apps and to listen to music or make a hands-free call. The available touchscreen navigation system is logically designed so that its easy to plan a route, find a restaurant or turn off on a scenic drive. The best way to see all the features of the new SportWagen is to take a test drive at Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale.

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