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Volkswagen XL1 – The World’s Most Fuel Efficient Production Vehicle


Car manufacturers have long sought to create incredibly efficient cars to save motorists money and help the environment. Engineers at Volkswagen are selling what they claim is the world’s most fuel efficient production car. The Volkswagen XL1 ‘super-efficient vehicle’ features new construction techniques, an innovative futuristic-looking body and hybrid drive-train to dramatically increase fuel economy.

The XL1 looks straight from the future and, in a way, it is. Technologically advanced materials like carbon fiber and magnesium make this car years ahead of anything else on the road. It boasts an impressive 261 mpg and is the most aerodynamic car on the road with a coefficient of drag of just 0.189. Visit Chapman VW in Scottsdale for more information.

The XL1 relies on a combination electric-diesel powertrain to achieve such high milage. A 27-horsepower electric motor can run the car for up to 31 miles before switching to the 48-horsepower two cylinder clean diesel engine. Gear heads might initially find themselves underwhelmed by the low power, but the insane aerodynamics and ultralight 1,753-lb body allows the car to cruise at 62 mph while using only 8.3 horsepower.

On the exterior, the XL1 hasn’t changed much since it was first introduced as the L1 concept in 2009. But inside, the car looks very different. Most notably, the old tandem seats have been moved side by side to mirror regular two-seat cars. Originally weighing in at a svelte 837 pounds, the production car is double the original weight, but is also more efficient by 91 mpg.

The Volkswagen XL1 is not yet available in the U.S. To stay up-to-date, visit Chapman Scottsdale Volkswagen.

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