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VW Using Quantum Computers to Develop Future Mobility

Traffic flow optimization, or the ability to move bunches of people through crowded urban areas in a fast and efficient manner, is one of the main challenges to personal mobility in the upcoming years. Anyone who has sat in a Los Angeles or Washington, D.C. rush hour can attest to the problem, which is one of the reasons Volkswagen is teaming up with D-Wave, a quantum computing company, to develop ways the smart cars of the future can improve traffic flow.

No city has a larger traffic problem than Beijing, China, which is the first research project VW and D-Wave are collaborating on. Scientists and auto engineers are working on an algorithm that will improve the travel time of taxis in the city. By focusing on how a specific resource, such as money, energy or time, can be best used, the quantum computers are the best means to develop the maximum optimization. “We are doing digital pioneering work. Quantum computing technology can bring tremendous progress to Volkswagen with respect to all the key IT topics of the future,” according to VW CIO Dr. Martin Hoffman. “This shows that there is no other company where IT is now as exciting as it is at Volkswagen.” The current inventory of VWs at Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale has plenty of examples of groundbreaking technology, from the driver assistance features that help avoid collisions to VW’s innovative UConnect infotainment system.

VW expects the future of autonomous driving to hinge on the success of working with quantum computers. The technology derived from today’s experiments will also go a long way toward building factories of the future, with robotics, smart machine learning and intelligent mobility solutions. Expect the VWs of tomorrow to communicate with other cars on the road, decreasing the chances for collisions while increasing traffic flow.

“The goal of our cooperation with Volkswagen is to apply our quantum computing technology to Volkswagen’s real-world computing challenges and make a positive impact on their business,” said D-Wave president Robert Ewald. “This project is a great example of how computing in the future will be done, with talented people looking at new ways to solve old problems, and combining traditional computers to deliver an improved solution.”

Using App Connect with your smartphone is a prime example of how modern technology improves transportation. As debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year, the use of a new Volkswagen specific user ID creates an entirely new ownership experience. Take some time to inspect the inventory and talk about technology when you visit with the pros at Chapman Volkswagen Scottsdale.

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